Roger Federer and The Code

July 10, 2024

Last month at Dartmouth College Roger Federer gave the graduation speech.  It has been seen and read by over a million people because his words were simple and timeless.  Here are his main points, briefly stated: “Effortless is a myth.” They say that about athletes as a compliment.  Everything takes work. “It’s only a point.”…

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Reggie Jackson and The Code

June 23, 2024

Hall of Fame slugger Reggie Jackson, in an open forum in Birmingham, Alabama, Thursday, was asked if he were a better person having come up through the city where Jim Crow laws existed and whether he was stronger after enduring the social inequities in Birmingham. “I paused for 30 seconds,” Jackson told USA TODAY Sports…

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Coach Wooden Citizenship Cup 2024 Ceremony Photo Gallery

June 19, 2024
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Bill Walton and The Code

June 10, 2024

Bill Walton died recently.  In 1971 he had long hair.  He told Coach John Wooden that it was a principle for him and he was not going to cut it, even though it was a requirement of the team.  Wooden told him he admired people who had standards and who stuck to them – and…

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Memorial Day and The Code

May 25, 2024

On Memorial Day we remember with gratitude those who died in the service of our country.  They are the ultimate teammates, and for those who knew them, they are held in special memory.  We seek to be worthy of their friendship and sacrifice by how we live our lives.  The Code talks about the fact…

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Scottie Scheffler and the Code

May 19, 2024

Golfer Scottie Scheffler was arrested and charged with four violations, one of them a felony.  Trying to get to the golf course, he drove his car around an accident scene disobeying a policeman.  He says it was a “misunderstanding.”  A policeman was injured in the incident, having been dragged by Scottie’s car. What does the…

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The 17th Annual Vincent J. Dooley Scholarship Recipients for School Year 2023-2024

May 4, 2024

The 2024 Vincent J. Dooley Scholarship winners were announced at the Athletes for a Better World (ABW) Awards ceremony, which was held at North Atlanta High School on May 4th, 2024.  The female winner was Mary Rozier of Eagles Landing High School and this year we had two male winners, Nathan Hayes from Effingham County…

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Clothes and The Code

April 24, 2024

You may have read about the controversy over Major League Baseball’s new uniforms.  If you’ve missed it, the controversy is about the material – apparently, it is so thin that you can see through it, so that what you see is whatever the player is wearing under the uniform.  Since the uniforms will be worn…

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The Worst, The Best, and The Code

April 8, 2024

At a NHL hockey game last week the players waited for the opening whistle, and then rather than begin a hockey game, they began a fight.  We think that’s childish.  On the other hand, consider all the great positives that have come from women’s basketball this year.  We have read story after story of good…

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Announcing the 17th Annual Vincent J. Dooley Awards & Scholarships Finalists

April 4, 2024

Athletes for a Better World (ABW) is thrilled to announce the top 10 male and female finalists for the prestigious Vincent J. Dooley Scholarships! These exceptional student-athletes represent the very best of Georgia High School athletics, excelling in their chosen sports and demonstrating outstanding character, teamwork, leadership and commitment to their communities. The Vincent J.…

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