Sport is only a part of our lives.  The Code for Living isn't just good for those of us who are professional athletes, it's good for kids and parents of all ages.
Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

Winning More Than The Game is an excellent read, and I recommend it highly to all parents, coaches, and student-athletes.
Rick Wolff, sports commentator and psychologist

ABW is working to create the proper values and environment in sports for our young people to grow up in.  The Code for Living is needed at every level of sports today.
Tom Glavine, Baseball Hall of Fame

Winning More Than The Game and its Code for Living are valuable for athletes, coaches, and parents, and ABW’s mission to make everyone stronger through sports is one we can all learn from.
Cal Ripken, Jr., Baseball Hall of Fame

The ABW tenets of the Code for Living are critical in the development of the total person as we seek to build character in today’s student-athletes on a daily basis.
Tommy Marshall, Athletic Director of Sports Illustrated #15 ranked Marist School, and Former Chair of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA)

The Code for Living provides the kind of good, sound advice that guides and inspires students long after they have graduated from school….you have a partner in the Seattle Schools.
Joseph Olchefske, former Superintendent, Seattle Public Schools

"…the Council of the City of Atlanta resolves to support and adopt the Code for Living of Athletes for a Better World into its organized sporting activities."
City Council of Atlanta, GA

At SITS National Headquarters (Soccer in the Streets), we have embraced the ABW philosophy to the point of incorporating its tenets and values into our new Positive Choice mentoring program.  ABW materials have been very helpful in summarizing these basic guidelines and hopefully will enable us to get the message across to thousands of young people in the U.S.
Jill Robbins, National Program Manager, Soccer In The Streets

Your work is so very important, and The Boys’ Club New York is proud to be a member of your team.
Brad Zervas, Boys’ Club of New York

This past basketball season, the incidence of appeal hearings was greatly reduced every week.  I directly attribute this to coaches being educated by ABW and adopting The Code for Living.
Dennis Cook, Youth Recreation Program Coordinator for the City of Seattle

Our program is honored to adopt ABW’s Code for Living.
Marcia Foster, Assistant Coach, women's basketball team, California Polytechnic State University

My recent visit to the ABW web site is overwhelming.  The quality and quantity of resources is superb.  I was just elected to the Board of Directors of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America…I intend to do all that I can to see that ABW gains the NSCAA's endorsement.
Kevin Sims, the McCallie School, TN

We like the simple, positive, and comprehensive nature of the Code for Living.  It tries to raise the bar of behavior for all of us.
Rick Skirvin, Georgia State Soccer Association Executive Director.

Your Code for Living makes a simple job of effectively applying morals in a team atmosphere.  Thanks for all your support of coaches who truly care about their players, and not just the outcome of the game.
Janine Sullivan, soccer coach, Milford, OH

Athletes for a Better World offers hope for our young people that is unique in this challenging time in which we live.  It supports the athlete who is willing to show others that they care and is responsible for the image that the world looks for in its heroes.
Bob Ward, former athletic director, the Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA

As a player in the Arena Football League and a high school teacher/coach, I can appreciate the Code for Living on both ends.
Lance Funderburk, QB, Arizona Rattlers

Every kid should grow up with the Code for Living.
Hugh Stephenson, Buckhead Baseball League coach, Atlanta, GA

The Code for Living is a terrific source for athletic directors, coaches and parents in developing standards of sportsmanship.  I have communicated your web site on my parent night brochure and will continue to endorse ABW.
Tim Graham, Athletic Director, Tumwater, WA

We are beginning a school-wide movement toward better sportsmanship and more responsible spectator behavior.  We hope to make use of the Code for Living in this effort.
Thomas McGovern, Athletic Director, Ardmore, PA

The Code for Living program will definitely be part of our plans.
Tom Knorr, Athletic Director, Elizabethtown, PA

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