Board of Directors and Leadership

  • Steve Petyerak
    Steve Petyerak Chairman of the Board Producer,
    The Weather Channel
  • Chris Welton
    Chris Welton Vice-Chair of the Board Managing Principal,
    Capital Conservation Partners
  • Angie Newell
    Angelia Newell Treasurer of the Board President,
    Anew Management Group
  • Ryan Adler
    Ryan Adler Chair of the Programs Committee EVP,
    Clean Air Group
  • Stephanie Brogan
    Stephanie Brogan Founder,
    Pivotal HR Partners
  • Kim Coleman
    Kim Coleman Co-Chair of the Coach Wooden Citizenship Cup President,
    Halftime Sports
  • Alfred Dowe
    Alfred Dowe Co-Chair of the Coach Wooden Citizenship Cup Senior Director of Development,
    The United Way of Greater Atlanta
  • Paxton Griffin
    Paxton Griffin Principal,
    Tioga Capital
  • Mark Kovacs
    Mark Kovacs CEO and Institute Director,
    Kovacs Institute
  • Ron Mansfield
    Ron Mansfield Chair of the Vincent J. Dooley Awards and Scholarships Committee Athletes for a Better World
  • Luke Mashburn
    Luke Mashburn Chair, Kinesiology and Wellness,
    Georgia Highlands College
  • Nic Reed
    Nic Reed Senior Financial Planner,
    Capstone Financial Advisors
  • Bob Ryan
    Bob Ryan ESPN Host and sportswriter
  • Jim Shelton
    Jim Shelton Principal,
    Shelton McNally
  • Meenal Vashishat
    Meenal Vashishat Digital Storage Brand Consultant,

Honorary Lifetime Members of the Board

Vincent J. Dooley, in memoriam
University of Georgia

Dick Enerson
The Enersen Foundation

John Hoerster
Foster Garvey

Fred Northup, Sr.
Founder (retired)

Brad Catherman
Executive Director Emeritus

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