Developing Character, Teamwork and Citizenship through Commitment to the Code for Living.

Vincent J. Dooley Awards



Join athletes everywhere and become part of the movement to become better athletes, teammates and citizens.

“Sport is just a part of our lives.  The Code for Living isn’t just good for those of us who are professional athletes – it’s for athletes, kids, and parents of all ages.”
— Peyton Manning

Coaches & Administrators!

Get your team, school, club or league on the ABW team! Make character, teamwork, and citizenship a part of the culture of your program.

“After making the Code for Living a part of our program, we won the state award for the best sportsmanship. I give the credit to ABW.”
— Athletic Director, Forest Park High School


Learn how you can support your child, your coach and your team and help them become both the best athlete and the best person they can be.

“A program like ABW is desperately needed in all sports, and parents can play an important role in supporting and encouraging these values.”
— Richard Lee,  parent


Learn about the Coach Wooden Citizenship Cup, the Vincent J. Dooley Awards and an Awards Program for your team, organization, school, or league.

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