Roger Federer and The Code

Last month at Dartmouth College Roger Federer gave the graduation speech.  It has been seen and read by over a million people because his words were simple and timeless.  Here are his main points, briefly stated:

  1. “Effortless is a myth.” They say that about athletes as a compliment.  Everything takes work.
  2. “It’s only a point.” Federer only won 54% of the points he played in his career.  You have to move on not dwell on lost opportunities.
  3. Life is bigger than the court. Life is bigger than any sport.  We need to get outside of our own selves and make a difference in the world.  He spoke movingly about the difference he’s seen in his efforts in education in Africa.

How are his thoughts expressed in the Code?  See how many of his thoughts are reflected in it!

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