FSU, Bad Calls, and the Code

We think that most sports fans would agree that FSU “deserved” to be in the college playoff, but were not chosen by the committee in what would have been equally controversial no matter who got the fourth spot. Georgia and Alabama would argue they deserved it as well. It’s one reason why we love sports, because we get to discuss debatable questions! So, for many, this decision was a “bad call.” We get bad calls in almost every game we play, and what is always regrettable is when the “bad call” turns out to be decisive in the outcome of a contest, such as this. What does the Code say about this? In the Code we say that we will “play by the rules,” and that we will “respect” others. This means that not only will we accept bad calls when they are made, but that we will disagree respectfully, if at all. This is important, not only for how we are viewed by others, but also so that we do not allow bad calls to affect how we continue to play in the game. We can use a bad call as a reason to be more determined, for example. Finally, since bad calls are inevitable, we should be prepared mentally for when they occur, so that are not distracted by them, but indeed use them for our own motivation.

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