Tyler Bass and the Code

Most sports fans know that the Buffalo Bills’ Tyler Bass missed a field goal that would have tied the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. As always, whenever at the end of the game there is a great play to win, or a missed opportunity that results in a loss everyone focuses on that one play. What does the Code have to say about this? There are several things that are important to remember: Teams win in team sports, not individuals. The Buffalo offense failed to get a touchdown, or even a first down, which is why the attempted kick was necessary. Which linemen failed to block in the previous plays so that the quarterback did not have enough time to throw? In fact, what mistakes were made so that the offense had not scored more points earlier in the game so it didn’t come down to the end? It’s important to realize, for example, in a basketball game if someone hits a game winner, how many other shots the losing team had already missed! Great players make a difference when teams are evenly matched, but almost invariably teams win team sports. The Code says, “I will put team goals above personal goals,” and “I will be a positive influence on the relationships on the team.” Who are some teammates that you can encourage? What can you do to build unity and commitment on the team? How can you be a role model as a person who values the team above all else?

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