The U. of Houston and the Code

We know we’re in the month of madness. The University of Houston had a 10 point lead with only 1:24 to go. Somehow they lost it, and found themselves in overtime. In overtime they found themselves without four of their five starters who had all fouled out – including their All-America point guard and Big 12 Player of the Year.  What happened? A walk-on found himself at the free throw line with 17 seconds left and dropped one to give them a four point lead and victory. What does the Code say about this? Nothing – but the Code does talk about putting the team first, about being a positive influence on your teammates, and about giving your best effort. We like to say that “teams win team sports,” and that was proven again by having the game literally won by the reserves, not the starters. It is always the non-starters whose effort pushes the starters in practice to improve, and occasionally, it is someone off the bench who makes all the difference. How much do you value everyone on your team?  

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