Taylor Swift and The Code

There’s a lot of hoop-la over the relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor! Craziness that’s great for his jersey sales, and for the Chiefs who just got about ten million more fans than they had a month ago! But what a distraction for the team! You know everyone is asking Travis what she’s like, and everyone is talking to each other about the whole thing. A big distraction! We all have distractions – sometimes it’s a personal relationship that’s on our mind, sometimes it’s school work, or anything that takes our mind away from where it should be focused. What does the Code say about this? The Code says, “I will give my best effort in practice and in competition.” We can’t give our best effort if our minds are not focused and are worried about other things. It’s important to figure out how to overcome the distractions and focus on doing our part, to be the best teammate we can be. This includes being aware of some of the issues that our teammates are struggling with, so we may help them give their best as well. “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

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