Scottie Scheffler and the Code

Golfer Scottie Scheffler was arrested and charged with four violations, one of them a felony.  Trying to get to the golf course, he drove his car around an accident scene disobeying a policeman.  He says it was a “misunderstanding.”  A policeman was injured in the incident, having been dragged by Scottie’s car. What does the Code say about this?  The Code says, “When I fail…I will take responsibility and appropriate actions…”  Even if it was only a “misunderstanding,” it was Scottie’s mistake, and his first reaction should have been to apologize and take responsibility.  It is clear that it was his “fault” – it was his car and he was driving, and so the better response would have been to say, “I am sorry, I was driving, and I want to apologize to the officer I injured.”  It is clearly acceptable for him to say that he “misunderstood” the directions he was given, in fact, that may well be true, but the first response should have been to apologize rather than to make an excuse.  What might an “appropriate action” be?  Perhaps tickets to the event next year to the policeman’s family or friends?  What do you think would be appropriate?

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