Memorial Day and The Code

On Memorial Day we remember with gratitude those who died in the service of our country.  They are the ultimate teammates, and for those who knew them, they are held in special memory.  We seek to be worthy of their friendship and sacrifice by how we live our lives.  The Code talks about the fact that we are all “role models” and “members of a team.”  We think it is worthwhile to take a few days to reflect again on those role models living or dead, who inspire or have inspired us.  To think deeply about what it means to “sacrifice” for a personal goal, another person, or our country.  What kind of role model are we?  What is a personality trait that we admire in someone that we can weave into our own personality?  Memorial Day is a most serious day; our lives are most serious too, and so let us take a few minutes each day to think on these things.

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