Fighting, Brawls, and the Code

Let’s be clear: fighting is childish.  It means you have lost control of your emotions, which is what happens to children, not adults.  Fighting is childish: it means you believe that violence is the proper solution to a problem.  Fighting is childish: it means you believe that it makes you “a tough person.”  All of the reasons that result in fighting and “bench clearing brawls” are the result of one form of childish behavior or another.  Can anyone imagine Mia Hamm, that diminutive soccer great, ever resorting to violence because of some way in which she was wronged?  Fighting does not make anyone “respect” you any more than before; fighting does not make anyone “tougher” than before; fighting is what it is: childish and immature behavior.  The preamble to the Code begins, “Because I am a role model…”   Who are the role models you most admire?   Do you agree with these thoughts?

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