The Newspaper and The Code

We recently read an article in a local paper that talked about “more than the game” and we wondered if they knew about ABW.  The article listed all the ways in which local teams and schools were giving back to their communities.  The volleyball  team at one school was doing one thing, the lacrosse team at another was doing something else, and so on.  The Code says, “I will give of my time, skills and money as I am able for the betterment of my community and world.”  We think all teams should have at least one day of service each season – paint the bleachers, feed the homeless, do whatever the team would like to do.  It’s a great way to build team spirit, to get to know others, and to make a difference.  Even better are when more than one team joins together to make a difference.  Where is your team in all of this?  Is this a good time to start?  It’s all about “winning more than the game.”

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