The Gyrocopter and The Code

A few days ago a mail carrier landed his gyrocopter on Capitol lawn in Washington to “deliver some letters” to members of Congress. His letters had to do with his view of the need for campaign finance reform. However, it is against the law to fly any sort of plane in the restricted airspace around the Capitol, and so he was arrested. What would the Code say about this? The Code says “I will compete within the letter and spirit of the rules of my sport.” Obviously, breaking a law is different from breaking the rule of a game, but it does give us an opportunity to think about the importance of rules and laws. Ask your team: How important is it to you to play by the rules? Are there some rules that are important to you, and others that you think it’s okay to ignore? What would any sport be without rules? What about rules established by parents or coaches? Is it okay to break them?

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