Indiana’s Heckling and the Code

The students at the University of Indiana embarrassed themselves and their university by chanting  obscenities at the Purdue basketball team.  The Code is clear: “I will respect the dignity of every human being and will not be abusive or dehumanizing of anyone either as an athlete or as a fan.”  We all should learn as children not to call other people names – but some people never grow up.   Where did these students get the idea that their behavior was acceptable?  Was it because a friend was doing it?  Or was it because lots of others were doing it?  Did the person know what he or she was doing was inappropriate?  All of this is an example of “mob rule” – where people will act in a crowd differently than they would ever act alone.  When have you been in a similar situation when a person was being teased or taunted? The important question is whether you would participate, have the courage to be silent, or have the greater courage to try to silence those around you.  What would you do?

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