Friendship and the Code

Gatorade has a commercial which reveals the fact that over the years Peyton Manning has written countless personal letters to people to let them know that he was thinking about them with gratitude for their friendship, sorrow in a time of loss, or appreciation for what they meant to him.  The Code says “I will be a positive influence on the relationships on the team,” and it also says, “I will conduct myself with honor…”  Peyton did not have to write these notes, obviously; he did it because he wanted to let others know he cared about them and was grateful for them.  Few people actually write letters any more, communicating as we do, electronically, which makes his efforts even the more remarkable.  How can his practice become a model for you?  When was the last time you thanked a teammate or a coach?  What is it that prevents you from sending out an email today to let someone special to you know they are special?  What can you learn from Peyton?

  1. Here’s a link to the commercial:
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