Deflategate, Responsibility and the Code

The Code says, “I will take responsibility and appropriate actions when I fail…” There is no question that cheating occurred: 11 out of 12 footballs were deflated. Why not all 12? Because the kickers like their ball fully inflated. There is no question among reasonable people that Brady knew what happened – any good middle school athlete can tell if a football, basketball, or tennis ball is deflated. The biggest disgrace is that the owner has not taken responsibility for his team. Robert Kraft should say at a minimum: “Someone in our organization deflated the balls. This is regrettable, and so we will accept the consequences.” In the face of such denial of responsibility, rather than suspend Brady, do you think the NFL should have suspended the entire team – have the team forfeit one or more games? Should anyone on the Patriots ever admit that cheating occurred? Who do you think is most responsible? Should the equipment personnel who texted about deflating the balls be fired?

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