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The Auburn tragedy and The Code

June 15, 2012

At a party a few days ago in Auburn, Alabama, an unknown person showed up at a party, got into an argument with some that were there, and ended up killing three and wounding several others.  Two of those killed were former Auburn football players.  What does the Code say about this tragedy?  Why are…

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High School Girls and The Code

June 5, 2012

At the state track and field meet at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, West Liberty-Salem runner Meghan Vogel was about to win the 3,200 meter run on Saturday, June 2 because the only person ahead of her with 200 feet to go, Arden McMath, collapsed from exhaustion.  But, rather than pass her for…

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Bodemeister and The Code

May 22, 2012

At both the Kentucky Derby and last Saturday’s Preakness Bodemeister ran in first place most of the race, only to be overtaken at the end by I’ll Have Another.  When the owner of Bodemeister was asked what he thought after losing, he said, “Our horse showed up (meaning he was prepared and did not have…

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Graduation and The Code

May 16, 2012

We are coming to the end of the academic year.  This is a good time to pause and to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.  We often take time to evaluate where we are, to determine our weaknesses, to set goals for ourselves, and to prepare for the future.  It is also important to…

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Cole Hamels and the Code

May 8, 2012

Cole Hamels has been suspended for five games for deliberately hitting a rookie batter.  He wanted to “welcome him to the big leagues,” and thought this was an “old school” way of doing it.  The idea that by playing dirty, breaking the rules, and substituting pseudo-macho behavior – which is all playing dirty is –…

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Jamie Moyer and the Code

April 18, 2012

Jamie Moyer just became the oldest pitcher to win a major league baseball game at age 49.  How is he like the Code?   One easy answer is that he has given his best effort to stay in top condition, and gives his best effort every day.    This is even more amazing when you consider that…

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Springtime and the Code

April 9, 2012

With the warm temperatures of spring, and the end of the school year approaching, there is always a temptation for “spring fever” to take hold. It is hard to continue to focus on the tasks left to complete with the lure of the outside and the freedom of summer beckoning. What does the Code have…

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The Hunger Games and the Code

March 29, 2012

We haven’t read the book or seen the movie, but our question is the same: how is the movie, or the books, like the Code? What is the story about? What are the positive things about

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The NHL, Manning, Tebow, B-ball, and the Code

March 23, 2012

This week began with newscasts of a NHL hockey fight that began three seconds into the game.  We were so so disgusted by the continuing childishness of the NHL, that we decided not to discuss it.  Then came the Manning and Tebow stories, two very different men who both represent the best in sports.  Now…

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March Madness and the Code

March 17, 2012

We were at a tournament game recently and saw a great game by two very evenly matched teams. What we noticed more than the great play, however, was the negativity of the home crowd. They booed every call the officials made. What does the Code have to say about this? The Code says “I will…

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