Brees and Dau Receive Wooden Cups

Dau Jok, from the University of Pennsylvania, was the recipient of the 10Th Annual Coach Wooden Citizenship Cup at a ceremony at the Atlanta History Center in Atlanta April 22. Dau, who was born in the Sudan, whose father was killed in the fighting when Dau was six, fled to Uganda and to the U.S. where he grew up in Iowa, won a scholarship to Penn, and has since started a Foundation to bring life and hope to his native land. Dau has been an inspiration to all who meet him through his loving and giving response to life, despite his violent early years.

Wooden Cup 2014
Dau Jok, U. of Penn, and Drew Brees – the two recipients of the Cup
Participants: L-R Fred Northup, ABW President; Dau Jok Wooden Cup Collegiate Recipient; Drew Brees, Professional Wooden Cup Recipient; Liz Tucker, finalist from Notre Dame; Kelly Dennis, finalist from Chestnut Hill; Aaron Craft, finalist from The Ohio State; Jeff Ruppuccci, finalist from College of the Holy Cross; Vince Dooley, Chair; Nan Wooden; Jamaal Wilkes

Drew Brees, the legendary quarterback of the New Orleans Saints was the professional recipient of the Cup, having established himself as one of the great role models in professional sports. Drew and his wife Brittany have established a foundation which has given over $20 million dollars for a variety of important causes in the New Orleans area, as well as for cancer in kids, educational and developmental projects.

In an event featuring four other college athletes in addition to Dau – Aaron Craft of The Ohio State University, Kelly Dennis of Chestnut Hill College, Jeff Reppucci of Holy Cross, and Elizabeth Tucker of Notre Dame – Dau’s story somehow swayed the committee under the leadership of Hall of Fame Coach Vince Dooley.

Pictures and videos of the finalists and their speeches will soon be available on this site.

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