2012 Coach Wooden Citizenship Cup Awards

Professional Recipient, Pat Summitt, and the five collegiate finalists for the Wooden Cup were introduced at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta on April 24, 2012.  Meet each of these distinguished individuals and learn the incredible ways in which they made a difference in the lives of others.

Fred Northup President of ABW
Fred Northup
Welcome Speech
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Nan Wooden Coach Wooden’s Daughter
Nan Wooden
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Pat Summit Professional Recipient
Coach Pat Summitt
University of Tennessee
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Aleca Hughes Collegiate Recipient
Aleca Hughes
Ice Hockey
Yale University
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Tommy Chase Collegiate Finalist
Tommy Chase
University of Notre Dame
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Roddy Jones Collegiate Finalist
Roddy Jones
Georgia Tech
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Josh Nadzam Collegiate Finalist
Josh Nadzam
Track and Field
University of Kentucky
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Cody Reichard Collegiate Finalist
Cody Reichard
Ice Hockey
Miami University of Ohio
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