Become An ABW School

Athletes For A Better World invites you to become an “ABW School”

What’s an ABW School?

An ABW School is one whose Athletic Director commits to making character development of the athletes a priority and joins with other schools in making ABW an official part of the sports program.

Why become an ABW School?

Everyone is concerned about the many negative emphases and directions that are a part of sports today. By becoming an ABW school, an Athletic Director and the school’s coaches become part of a concrete program and movement to stand for the highest values in character, sportsmanship and citizenship.

Do we have to drop or change any of the things we are already doing?

No. The ABW School program can stand alone or work in a complementary way with any positive program.

What do we have to do as an ABW school?

  1. Communicate the ABW Code for Living as a part of the philosophy of the athletic program.
  2. Display posters of the Code in appropriate places.
  3. At the end of every season, recognize one player on each team as the recipient of the “Spirit of ABW” award.
  4. Set a goal to have every coach go through the Coach’s Training and Certification program, either using the DVD (one or more provided) with a group of coaches, or online using the school’s access code.
  5. Set a goal that every athlete will perform at least two hours of community service every season. This is a great responsibility for the Captain, either to organize something, or to encourage everyone to find a place to volunteer.
  6. Determine the organizational person or persons who will be responsible for coordinating the outreach efforts of the athletes. This could include an “ABW Club” for all athletes.

What are the benefits to the school?

  1. It demonstrates a visible commitment by the school to a concrete program of character development.
  2. The school’s name will be posted on the ABW Website as an “ABW School,” and the school could publicize this in its own ways.
  3. It creates a sense of unity across all teams, all coaches, and all sports.
  4. It provides a framework for coaches to build on.
  5. It identifies, communicates and reinforces the values of the school to parents, coaches, athletes, and other schools.
  6. All coaches have unlimited access to the training at any time, either via the DVD or the Internet.
  7. Athletes and coaches will benefit from having a consistent message and framework provided to them by the Code for Living, the Tip of the Week, and the many online resources.
  8. The quality of the coaches and athletes behaviors will improve as the values taught become integrated and reinforced in the ongoing life of the athletic program. This has been statistically demonstrated for both the coaches’ behaviors as well as the athletes.

How much does it cost each year?

  1. $50 per “A” (for example, AA School: $100, and AAAAA School: $250.) Some assistance available.
  2. “Spirit of ABW” medals: $3.00 each. (optional)
  3. Posters of the Code for Living are provided free of charge.
  4. Large Code for Living banners, suitable for a lunch room, gymnasium, or hall: approximately $150.


Contact: Fred Northup, 404-892-2328

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